Saturday, October 26, 2013

I'm Back!

I'm back. I started a Wordpress site for a while, but I just am too ingrained with the use of blogger for posting blogs. It was a fun learning experience, but I've decided this blog is going to be The Inner Geek blog of choice moving forward.

Am I still a bit off on GW? Yes, yes I am. But, I've found the "Oldhammer" movement and my Rogue Trader era minis are getting some love again. I may even try to find some local who'll play me a game of 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle! I've also got some Warmaster and some Epic scale 40k things around here that will get some love in the future.

Currently, I've got two big projects going. One is literally 'going'...

The first is a project to redo and finish my three beloved Nick Bibby Dragon Ogres. I never liked the later Dragon Ogres, but these are just dreamy... or nightmarey... whatever.

Here's a peak...

My other project 'going' is my Reaver Titan. It doesn't get any time on a gaming table and it's time that someone who could enjoy it had it. With this in mind I've placed it up for auction on eBay.

You will be missed...

There is really not much more to report. I'll get some updates up on the Dragon Ogres as they progress. One will remain stock, the other two will be converted... one heavily. It should be fun!

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