Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm still here... lurking...

So as some may have noticed, I've not blogged in a fair bit. What? You didn't notice? Um... well... it's a fact, I haven't. I'd like to blame a plethora of things for my not doing much hobby stuff, and therefore having nothing to blog about. Alas, it all comes down to me not doing anything when I do have time. It seems the longer you go without doing anything, the easier it is to put it off one more day. Even things you enjoy, sad as that my be!

I'm really hoping to get some inspiration and get some work done. Lord knows I have plenty to work on! I have a couple Space Marine Dreadnaughts to work on, the minis from my Space Hulk, a Tyranid army still in boxes, an Ork army still (mostly) in boxes, Marauder Destroyer, Macharius Vulcan, Land Raider Prometheus, tons of IG, fantasy Undead army still in boxes, fantasy Empire still in boxes, some Eldar Storm Guardians for my Altansar force, many boxes of Imperial terrain that are to be a large fortification one day, an AGX-04A1 Gerbera Tetra Custom to be assembled, and a fantastic BRIEGEL resin kit by Luca over at Kallamity.

This brings me to another problem I have. I created this blog as a 40k hobby blog. But, as can be seen by the last two projects listed above, I have a very diverse Inner Geek. And working on non 40k projects does help me avoid total burn out. So, here's the deal. I would like feedback from the community as to whether I should create a separate blog for non 40k material, or just lump all my geeky-ness into a pile here? I'm not big on polls, but I'm going to post one for a few days. Look left. Any advice on blogging, time management, baby burping, or general commentary are welcome!

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