Sunday, July 18, 2010

Marauder Destroyer Pt. 6 (Your Name Here)

I could tell you about the hellish weekend I had trying to find adapters for adapters for fittings to make my new (though cheap) compressor work with my airbrush, but I won't. I will tell you the old compressor is still working fine and I'd be done if I hadn't wasted time trying new things. The moral of the story is, don't try new things... Unless it involves sushi or the opposite sex.

So, while not getting much done, I had lot's of time to think...

Bombers, and most planes, have some form of nose art. Here are a couple examples that don't involve naked women.... though there is nothing wrong with those either.

As you can see, these are usually a simple picture (though it could be a symbol) and a name of some sort. Now, space on the nose of a Marauder Destroyer is minimal, but I may also look into integrating the 'nose' art onto the midsection, or even a wing top or rudder. It's the 41st millennium, leeway must be granted.

Your name here? I want to give my fellow bloggers a chance to have their blogs name on my Marauder Destroyer! Here is how this will work;

First, you will leave a comment letting me know that you want to participate. We will work out a name to be used if you win in the comments section. For example, if your blog is named The 51st Cadian Doom Weevils, we may make it the Spirit of the 51st Cadian Doom Weevils just to keep it sounding like an airplane name.

Second, you have to do my dirty work and get me some traffic. I don't care if you mention my blog in yours, write a blog about my blog, or just sucker your friends into coming to my blog. The caveat is they have to come here from your blog to count. I'll be adding up numbers of visitors who linked here directly from each participants blog and whoever sends the most traffic, is the winner! And no fair just coming here yourself a million times (though you are welcome to do so), I'll be skimming the traffic to make sure it's not all from the same IP address.

So why the cheesy tactic? I used to have quite a bit of traffic, but then I was off due to personal obligations for several months. I want to make sure that folks out in the blogosphere know I'm back on it! Especially before the WarHound Twins project starts.

So I'll close with a couple of pics of the work in progress...

So, if you want to participate, drop me a comment. I look forward to hearing from you... yea, you!

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