Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DreamForge-Games Leviathan Kickstarter

I guess you could call this my quarterly update. Ha!

If you've been in this hobby for a while, and you like big stompy things, you've almost certainly come across DreamForge-Games Leviathan Crusader model.

This model is a monster of resin coolness that really is hard not to love. However, being made of resin and the cost associated with lower production runs has traditionally made these expensive for us, the consumer, and hard to keep in stock for DreamForge-Games.

So DreamForge-Games founder Mark Mondragon has begun a Kickstarter campaign that, if funded, will see these produced as plastic kits. Real plastic kits, not resin/plastic hybrid or some such. However, the Crusader is just the tip of the iceberg. This will open the door to further plastic kits. In fact, the Mortis version has been announced as a "stretch goal" (a goal beyond the initial funding goal).

The engineering that is going into this project is unbelievable. With the resin kits, you can swap arms with ease. The same will be true of the plastic version. Future arm upgrades will be easy to swap in or out...

These are going to be some pretty amazing kits. If I sound bias or this sounds like a plug, it is! I'm in for a couple of these kits so I'd really like to see it get funded! Not to mention some of the stretch goals would be nice to reach for extra goodies. All the details are on the kickstarter page along with alternative options for backing the project that will net you some cool sci-fi infantry minis if they catch your eye. So go check it out and see if you don't find yourself wanting a Titan Class model, in easy to work with plastic, at a great price (you can get 4 of these in plastic for the price of 1 in resin!!). Click the banner below and see if this is a project you can back. If you like what you see, spread the word! (if you don't like it, spread the word anyway, you're a weirdo and your normal friends will appreciate the heads-up)

If you have already participated in the DreamForge-Games Kickstarter and you're thinking, "I like Kickstarting stuff, I wonder what else I could help back?" You may also want to take a look at the RPG/Tabletop mashup, Wreck Age being developed by Hyacinth Games. Some cool ideas and Brian from A Gentleman's Ones is involved somehow, so it has to be good. Remember, the link below is for after you back the Leviathan Kickstarter

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