Sunday, August 17, 2008

Reaver Titan Pt 2 (legs and questions)

I've decided to follow the order of the instructions and start at the legs. I think they have you knock these out first because if you can get these done, you probably won't be scared of anything else that has to be done.

With that decided, I have to consider what I'm going to do with the legs. Should I go for a completely static pose, or try for something more dynamic? I am leaning towards at least having one foot in front of the other, but every once in a while I think one foot coming up off the ground might be nice. Not off the ground, mind you, but maybe up on some of its toes.

Another thing I need to think about; what kind of base should I make... or should I make one at all? I've thought about one big base, or one base for each foot. With one big base there could be problems with maneuvering and placement. Does something this size warrant a base for each foot leaving room between for troops or some such? With the feet close together (inside toe to inside toe) the outside toes are about 14" apart. So any posing whatsoever and this could increase to 16" or 18" or maybe more!?!

Here is a photo of the leg parts laid out and ready to begin trimming.

I'm hoping that while I'm trimming the leg bits this week I can get some feedback from you guys out in blogland about my above questions (dynamic or no and base or what). I may even post a poll, so keep an eye on the left column. I'm hoping to have the leg parts trimmed up by this weekend so that piecing them together can begin.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, drop me a line. I have had one question recently regarding scanning the instructions. I'll have to familiarize myself with the lingo in the GW IP. I may be possible that I could scan myself some soft copies and share a sample with individuals on request, but I don't know yet so I'm not making any promises.

Take caer and thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

You should put the feet is something dynamic with two bases.

Space Hulk Enthusiast said...

I voted for single large base that way you can do something dynamic with the pose and model the base as well to fit in with the rest of your army.

If your going to go a bit more static with the pose, then I would say to leave the base off and let him stand on his own.

Unknown said...

I'd say that for such a significant investment like this Reaver, you shouldn't try anything too dynamic with the pose. One leg coming up slightly does sound cool - but maybe that's something to be tried on your next Titan? As far as the base goes, I think a single large base would be best, but you could model it in a way that would allow you to put troops around the feet. Alternatively you could model it astride a building.

Ad Astra said...

I voted for the single large base, perhaps with some terrain or modeling to have it fit into you army. I would also go with a large and bit hevy base to really give it stability- the last thing you want is to be playing somewhere with it when somebody bumps into the gaming table.

Unknown said...

Static most definitely.
I had so much hassle with my Warhound it was not worth it. I have another one that I was thinking about doing exactly what you were saying, taking a step, but after my first experience...static it will be.
As for a base, from FW photos I think it does not need one. You can do what I did and magnetize the model so you can take it apart for transport.
I also added magnets (neodymium or Rare Earth Magnets) on the feet, this way when gaming you can simply add a thin metal sheet a bit larger than the foot to add stability to the model while gaming and also add magnets on a display base, so you can take it off.

Anonymous said...

This is one friggin big model - having done the Revenant myself - I know that this guy s bigger - I find it hard to fathom how it would work on a base at all - how big would it need to be 12"??

If you do it on a base - do it on ONE big base - making sure its removable.


CrusherJoe said...

One big base, and static. I know the temptation is there to do something "dynamic", but I get the feeling that the model itself wasn't made with a dynamic pose in mind. If you did, and something went awry -- either in the construction process or during gaming -- you'd kick yourself when all that precious, expensive resin got damaged.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm so behind on responding. I do appreciate all the feedback. I'm thinking I will probably go with one big base. The pose however will look like a breakdancing move circa 1985... ok, maybe not. I hope to have devised some cunning plan to get the legs into some temporary poses by this Sunday. Then we can just see how big the base will need to be and also what poses might be within reason.

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