Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Way Back Wednesday #1

I was inspired by John over at Santa Cruz Warhammer and his blog Remember the Titans, Some Bits Box Justice to delve into the realm of old minis. I've decided to make this a semi regular event of between one and twenty or so parts. Depends on when I run out of old minis or motivation. So welcome to issue number one of Way Back Wednesday!

The mini I chose for this week is an Inquisitor from way back in autumn of 1989. You can see this fellow and his compatriots on the Stuff of Legends site, HERE.

The paint job is not going to win any Golden Daemon awards, but I assure you it is an improvement on what was there before.

As you can see, this mini is from before the Inquisition started sporting their ubiquitous -I- symbol on everything. He could be used equally well as a Rogue Trader or other adventurer. The backpack is not original, though it is custom made. The originals were not that spiffy anyway and are nigh impossible to get hold of now days. Besides, some custom power armor should come with a custom power plant! The catalog description says he has a combi weapon. I can only guess it's a combi bolter/sap.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the first installment of Way Back Wednesday! As usual all comments, critiques, and name calling are welcome. Though any name calling comments must rhyme and include the word porridge.

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