Monday, November 4, 2013

Kingdom Death Minis Unboxing

I've been eying the Kingdom Death minis for a long time. I'm really (really) bummed that I wasn't able to get in on the Kingdom Death: Monster Kickstarter last year. I've sold a few items on eBay recently and had a Paypal balance so I figured now was as good a time as any to grab a couple minis.

There is a problem though, the Kingdom Death store is perpetually sold out... of most things. But, Cool Mini or Not has an online store and they stock Kingdom Death minis! They are also sold out of most things, but I did find a couple minis I wanted to check out. So, point-click-ship and here they are!

As a quick aside, the Kingdom Death web store has restocked some items and released some new minis. Most of the new stuff is, you guessed it, sold out. I missed out on one mini because I didn't see the email notification until five hours after it was sent. But when I got up at five a.m. as I must do for my job, I saw the email and went straight to my computer! I got some more minis that I'd liked the look of, and a couple of the new minis too. I assume they'll ship eventually but I've had no shipping notification yet. Honestly, I can't believe the guy who runs Kingdom Death, Adam Poots, has time to release anything new whilst orchestrating the Kickstarter fulfillment.

On to the unboxing!

The items shipped in a nondescript box that you really don't need a picture of.. just imagine brown, plain, and a lot of right angles.

Inside that box, though, was the goodies.

The stuff in the box of boxes
Art cards are always a nice touch. Ax Faction is really good about handing out the art with the minis as well. I'll post some of my recent acquisitions from them in a post in the near future.

The first mini is the White Speaker. I don't pretend to be an expert on the fluff of Kingdom Death, but I think they have magic powers... probably in their boobs. They're practically bursting with magic...

Box Interior
Tiny parts!
Close up of the main dish
The White Speaker looks like a fabulous sculpt and good quality too. I can't find any real issues with it. Like all minis it will need some clean up of flash and mold lines, but these are minimal.

The second mini is the Great Game Hunter Pinup. She's like the regular Great Game Hunter, only with slightly less clothes. She's not naked, but she's not dressed like any of the hunters I've seen around here.

Box contents
Less tiny parts, yea!
Another great sculpt with no flaws I can find. Less parts will make this mini the easier of these two to get to work on. There is also a naked slave to hold the Hunters crossbow, a nice touch.

These are great minis and I'm glad I took the plunge and ordered a few more while they were in stock. The quality really is phenomenal. Kingdom Death is now up there with Ax Faction for my resin mini purveyors of choice. And who knows, maybe I'll put some paint on these one day? If I get that brave I'll be sure to share the train wreck with you here on the blog.

Thanks for stopping by!
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