Monday, July 7, 2008

Dire Avengers!

Finally an update! These guys are almost finished. I still need to highlight the weapons and do work on the eyes. Of course, the 'jewels' are not done yet, I'm waiting till I have a ton of Eldar finished so I can assembly line those bits.

Also in progress but not pictured... The Wraithlord is almost finished, just need to finish the paint on the scythe and a few touch ups. The heavy weapons are almost all done, I've added a lighter gray color the rearward 'base' part of each heavy weapon to break up the blackness. And, some (not much yet) assembly has begun on the Storm Guardians. Unfortunately, the three War Walkers have remained at a standstill, though they are based and primed.

Thanks for taking the time to check up on me. As usual, all comments and/or criticisms are welcome. Also, check out the folks on my blog roll. They are all great folks with great blogs... otherwise they wouldn't be there!


CrusherJoe said...

I REALLY like what you've done here! The blue is nicely shaded and the tabards look fantastic! I'm impressed!

Admiral Drax said...

Looking good!

As I've said before - I like playing Eldar. Now if only I were 4000 miles closer I might challenge you to a game, Sir...

I like the blue. A lot. It's a really good look for the Eldar.

Nice one.

- Drax

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm still waiting to see some recently painted minis on your blog? Take that only as the encouragement it is intended to be... I know I need some sometimes!

Hmmm... a game you say? Well, perhaps one day when I'm fabulously wealthy, I'll fly you and the wife to the states for a visit and we can play while she takes more of those lovely pictures for her blog. Don't hold your breath though... if nothing else, GW will prevent me from ever becoming fabulously wealthy!

Inner Geek Lover said...

You are so impressive!!! I am so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Hey - great site - came over to look from Fritz's blog... and I am glad I did. Wonderful stuff - can't wait to see that WL finished off.


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