Monday, July 21, 2008

Posting Links in comments, a Quickie...

I'm putting together a quickie. I've noticed that a lot of folks would like to include a link in their comments as I cruise the blogosphere. I'm posting a bit of code that works in blogger comments and probably wordpress as well. You are welcome to copy and paste this somewhere that you can remember it.

I think it's pretty self explanatory, but you place your link in place of the words, "link goes here", and the text that you want to be the actual link in the "words or pic to show go here" part. I don't imagine that you can include a pic as a link, but I made this to place in my Handy Code notepad document I keep on my desktop. It holds all the stuff I know I'll never remember about simple code.

So feel free to drop a comment and practice. You can leave me a link to your blog or some other entertaining page. Here's one to get you started!


Space Hulk Enthusiast said...

Thanks for this little tidbit.
I am guilty of using the "cut and paste" link method but I'm going to save this tidbit and use it next time.

Inner Geek Lover said...

Look at you... sharing the knowledge...
Love ya!

Admiral Drax said...


Let's try it, then:
This is my warface!



- Drax

Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Thanks for the HTML hint. Lets see how it works out.

I've been busy painting Arabs for WAB.

MasterDarksol said...

you should be able to use a pic as a link as well, with an image code. in place of "WORDS or pic TO SHOW GO HERE" you can have a piece of code that goes:

img src="picture url here"

encase that in brackets, and you have a code for an image.

... this will work fine for blog posts, but Blogger doesn't allow image code in the comments section. =/

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