Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Reaver Titan Pt 6 (Legs, Logistics, and Torso)

It's been a busy week, both on and off the workbench. While it's not the most exciting part, I'm going to start with the 'logistics' topic first.

The assembly of the titan moves forward unimpeded, but finality and even painting are being put off for just a little while. I've pre-ordered The Siege of Vraks Part Two and I'm wanting to see what information it has on the Legio Astorum, The Warp Runners. My mind has been 90% made up to do that legion with only a paltry 10% still thinking of the War Gryphons (or however you spell it in 40k land). I don't want to commit to anything until I read up on The Warp Runners. For instance, I don't want to paint chevrons on the left knee just to find out that only the most cowardly princeps get that marking or some such nonsense! Likewise with a name. If there is a piece of fluff on a certain Reaver that catches my eye, I might base the titan off of that. Otherwise, there might very well be a, 'what's my name going to be' poll up before the end!

So with this in mind we move on. Certain parts of the titan can only be worked to a certain point. Any work past this point is either prohibited by work that must be done before continuing, or by the wait for The Siege of Vraks Part Two to arrive. Therefore I'm moving onwards with assembly and prep and we will come back to some finer assembly points later on down the road.

The legs are a prime example. Also they are a primed example!

The legs and their many detail parts (not pictured) have been primed and look great! I may actually do some painting on the inner mechanical parts as these shouldn't change the overall titan and are parts that I believe are probably pretty standard from titan to titan.

Many parts have been trimmed and the torso is starting to take shape. Some of these parts had some pretty big vents and a small saw was needed to get them off before a hobby knife could clean the area up. Here is a shot of the main Torso...

As you can see, very roomy for now!

The rear part of the Torso is made up of three separate parts. The two sides are huge chunks of resin, and solid!

To glue the three parts of the rear Torso together I actually applied the JB Kwik epoxy then held them onto the main Torso to make sure they set in the perfect position. Here is a shot of the three of them assembled.

Next up I cleaned the shoulders and attached them. This was another great opportunity to take advantage of the fact that the inside wall would be covered in a later step and so the drill hole from drilling and pinning could be allowed to go all the way through. However, there was no way to attach the parts first and still be able to get a drill into the titan to make the hole. So, I used the putty method explained in Reaver Titan Part 5 to line up the holes that would be pinned. Here we see the shoulders firmly attached to the main Torso.

So far dry fit is the order of the day. For every step you see there are numerous dry fits to check and double check (and often triple and quadruple check) the fit of the pieces before committing to glue/epoxy. Besides, there is some joy in just holding the parts together to see where you are heading! Here is a dry fit of the entire Torso assembly.

This does not include the upper, lower, and main armor plates. Those have been dry fitted and are very close to correct at this point. To reach parts of the interior with a paint brush, some parts must be painted un-assembled. All parts will be primed as we progress though, and the interior may see some paint in the next couple weeks. Or, I may concentrate on getting parts assembled as far as I can before painting? Tough choice! Trimming the head has been started and the cockpit interior will follow that. I will wait for the upcoming book before I paint any crew in case there is good information on uniform colors or markings. Then I expect it will be on to the weapons.

Thanks for stopping by again and checking out this project. I'm enjoying the assembly a lot, but I think the painting will bring an excitement all its own! As always, if you have any questions, comments, limericks, or anything else to share, feel free to leave a comment!

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