Sunday, September 14, 2008

Reaver Titan Pt 8 (Big Guns Never Tire)

It was a slow Titan week. I've had other distractions outside the hobby plus a work week from hell. But, things should settle down for the foreseeable future and we can plow ahead.

This week I didn't have much time, but I did manage to get the Titans' arms done. I also used a hair dryer and straightened two parts that were not quite right. I tried taking pictures of the warped pieces, but the warping was so sleight that the pictures really didn't show it anyway. Suffice to say that the hair dryer worked and now the pieces are perfect! Also, my camera was giving me fits, so I used the girlfriends for a couple of these pics... I may be using it more often as the pics seemed to come out a little better. Also, being a shorter (less pictures) post this week, the pictures are bigger, so click on them for a larger view. On to the arms!

The Laser Blaster barrels were first up on the list to be attached. There is a little widget that supports the ends of the barrels and you can see it in this next pic.

I attached the barrel which I had already glued the barrel widget to on first. Then I attached the other two barrels to the arm and the first barrel. Here you can see the complete arm including the little armor bit that covers part of the gun. This will be painted separately and glued on near the end. This armor piece was one of the two warped pieces that received the hair dryer treatment.

Next up I turned my sights on the Gatling Blaster. This has six barrels of death and another widget to support the barrels ends. I started with just two barrels across from each other and the barrel end bit.

Then, with the framework of the first two barrels in place, I added the remaining four barrels.

And a finished shot of the Gatling Blaster arm...

As I'm photographing these parts I just can't help but feel that our friend The Priest isn't doing the scale of these weapons justice. So, I dug out some Imperial Guard armor to try to convey just how big these guns are.

That Leman Russ is feeling a bit inadequate at this point. But, I think it does do a fine job of showing the scale of the guns.

That's all I achieved this week, sadly. I did trim a few miscellaneous tiny detail pieces while the epoxy was drying, but nothing worth going into. The coming week will probably see a good deal of priming and maybe even a little airbrush practice action!

On another note, I appreciate all the feedback on the trophy rack/wall of honor idea. It is still up in the air at the moment. I'm going to try and do a mock up of a wall to see if the room available inside the Titan would make it feasible or not. I was going to do this today, but my sheets of plastic seem to have been lost in the recent move. But, it's definitely still on my mind!

I would also like to fish for opinions about another decision that is coming up quickly. In some of the old Epic pictures, Titans have a banner on each weapon touting the weapons name and kills. This I plan to do in some fashion no matter what. But, some also had a banner which hung between the legs with other information on it. Would this banner be worth doing? Would it make it too busy or cluttered? Also, I'm thinking of making magnetized mounts for the banners so they can be removed during travel. Basically, a magnet in the Titan where the banner or one end of the banner chain attaches and another on each end of chain. Work vs Reward, does this sound like a worthwhile idea?

Thanks for dropping in. I'm always happy to answer questions, I'll even answer in rhyme if you request it. I'm also eager, as always, to read any other comments you might have, so leave'em if you got'em!

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