Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Peek Into the Far Flung Future of The Inner Geek

As I can see the light at the end of the Reaver Titan tunnel, it's time to start obsessing over a new project...

Strings have been pulled, currency has changed hands, and reference material has arrived...

With the recent release of the Apocalypse Data Sheet for the Emperor Titan, it occurred to me that there needs to be at least one of these in the North Texas area. It also occurred to the Cyborg Trucker that Wisconsin would need one too! There may even be some long distance collaboration down the road. This is a project I'm getting more and more serious about as I think on it. Today's mail arrival will serve as a reference and also as a mascot of sorts. I don't intend to build something that looks exactly like the Epic scale Imperator, but it will be based largely (pun intended) upon it.

Thanks for stopping by. While work on the Reaver continues (the airbrush is crying for mercy), I'm hoping folks will get start to get excited about my next crazy project. I know I am!

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