Monday, January 18, 2010

Hypothetical Question (and a Poll)

Wow the Holidays were a mess! I'm back and I'm itching to work on some stuff. The Marauder Destroyer is out and trimming will begin shortly, look for a post when it begins. While I plan to take my time and enjoy the MD, I don't think it will take anything like as long as the Reaver did. So, I'm thinking ahead to my next project. Hence the poll I'm putting up!

So, hypothetically speaking, which of the following sounds like more fun; A) Another Reaver, probably with lots of Laser Blasters. Think one on each arm and a converted Mars Pattern Turbo Laser on the carapace (I like the 'D' shots). Or B) a pair of Mars Pattern Warhounds, once again with lots of Turbo Laser luvin? I'm posting a poll but I'd really like to hear what folks think the pros and cons are in comments as well. Another Reaver really sends a message to anyone across the table (that I'm crazy?), but two Warhounds makes a formation I believe?

So please attack the poll on the left and leave me a comment. I'd really appreciate it!

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