Monday, February 21, 2011

More IG Finished, a Page Change, and Other Thoughts

Well, my self imposed goal to post once a week was certainly short lived. Sadly, other blogs may be without updates as well. Big Jim over at Galaxy in Flames is going to be taking off a couple weeks and, sadly, Ron over at From The Warp will be discontinuing his blog completely. Thankfully Ron will be at least keeping us up to date on his new WIP blog, Black Dot Barrel Studios. Still, it was a sad night of blog reading when I got on Sunday night.

In other news, I've made a subtle change to my blog. Can you see it?? Did you notice it right away? Yea, probably not, but I'm proud of it anyway. With my meager html/css and graphics know-how I managed to widen my blog. Why, you may ask? Why not? It will allow me to post my pics a little bit bigger (though you may typically click on them for a larger view anyway) and it will fill up a screen a little better. The total width is now 1024 pixels which is about the minimum size of any monitor anyone uses these days. Trust me, there was a temptation to try and really stretch it out, but I decided not to show too much favoritism to my readers with wide screen displays.

On to the newly finished IG minis!

My camera skills are weak after all that painting, but you get the idea.

Now I'd like to share some thoughts on assembly line painting I've had over the last couple weeks.

First fifteen is too many to assembly line paint. Sure it was probably efficient, but it became tedious quick. In the future I'll probably work on five minis at a time. I think that will be my magic number to knock a few out and feel accomplished in a reasonable amount of time. Plus, at five every week or two, I could knock out all my guard dudes in about a thousand years... or, minus the exaggeration, a year or so... yea probably not with my attention span. Realistically I'll probably work on other projects some weeks. So then my guard will never get finished... damn. But, you wouldn't want to see me post every week about another five guardsmen anyway.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my rambling thoughts. If you'd like to leave a comment, I always enjoy hearing from you folks. As a fond farewell to updates over at From The Warp, I'd like to ask that any comments work the word "warp" into them somehow. That is all. Thank you.

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