Saturday, February 26, 2011

Painting Across the Pond Inner Geek Edition Pt II

So Drax has posted his second installment in our collaborative paint series and now it's up to me to show mine. I'm notoriously bad at taking pictures as I go, so this is less and WIP and more an 'almost done' post. Drax is not quite as far along, but in his defense I tasked him with a mini with lot more surface area to paint!

For anyone needing to catch up, I've linked the first Editions of painting across the pond below;

Painting Across the Pond Drax Edition Pt I

Painting Across the Pond Inner Geek Edition Pt I

Now that we're all caught up! Drax gave me free reign to paint his Colonel as I please. This is very trusting of him, so I'm trying not to disappoint him. I've been trying to make sure that this important fellow is different enough to stick out, yet similar enough not to look too out of place with Drax's army. I also wanted to add some color, as he is a ranking officer and likely to have some freedom in how he wears his uniform. I didn't want too much bright though, it would only make him a glaring target in the grimdark of the 41st millennium.

Without further ado, here is the Colonel in progress... really quite close to finished...

I hope you all like the direction I'm taking with this guy, but I especially hope Drax likes it. He's the one who has to live with it after all.

So that there is still something to spring on my readers I'm saving one last surprise for the next post. It's a little thing, but could be very important to someone as high ranked as a Colonel!

Thanks for stopping by. Comments, suggestions, and vague hints at total annihilation are welcome, as always, in the comments. Look for a post about my adventure seeing the UltraMarines movie in the theater in the next few days!

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