Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Altansar Wraithlord

Well, one of my many irons in the fire is a newly purchased Eldar army. The story behind the Altansar Craftworld really appealed to me so I said why not. I actually think I felt the overwhelming urge to start a new 40K army because I was desperately close to making actual progress on my Imperial Guard... which were probably a diversion from my Space Marines. In any case, the trigger hath been pulled.

I found a post on the DakkaDakka forums by a fellow who was converting an Altansar themed Wraithlord. It is, in my humble opinion, awesome! So I quickly absconded with his idea and began my own conversion. The image of a scythe wielding Wraithlord just really does something for me. I only hope my foray into Wraithlords turns out half as good as his.

I'll update as progress is made. I'd like to have this guy mostly done this week. Paint will be another matter. I have plans involving foundation paints and the new wash set coming out this week, but less impressive minis will have to take the first plunge.


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