Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where is my progress?

I have been making progress, believe it or not. I probably could have finished up my first 16 Eldar Guardians last night... if not for distractions. However, I happened to stop by the gwuscommunity page yesterday and saw their super cool 'Wisdom of the Imperium' quote widget. I thought I must have something similar, but they are a wordpress page and so stealing their widget was beyond my skill. So I searched and fiddled and gave up and asked a friend for help and finally came up with something. I now have a '40K Quotables' thingy that will display a different quote with each page load. See how little it takes to distract me! Not that it's all that fancy, but I'm happy to share the code with anyone who might want it. Just email me.

So, there should be some finished (or nearly finished) Guardians by this evening, and pictures up by this evening or tomorrow morning. I need to get these little guys finished as my sweetie is out for a girls night Thursday so I'm thinking of heading to the GW store near me and hanging out. Maybe even build a War Walker... or three.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh... you were very busy doing your quotes last night... Love ya.. proud of you and your progress!

Bagels Recipes said...

Lovve this

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