Friday, June 20, 2008

Wraithlord Progress

Some progress on the Altansar Wraithlord... finally! He is assembled and his pose finalized. Here is a pic or two!

Note the spiffy change of weapons thanks to all heavy weapons being magnetized in this army!

I have three War Walkers coming up. I'm debating whether to hold the primer and paint on this guy till those are done, or just go for it? The War Walkers won't be heavily converted... at least I don't think so... yet. But they will be magnetized as well.

I've given the weapons platforms and crews for my Guardians as well as my Dire Avengers a coat of primer, so they are on their way too! Which brings me to a question. Since this is the Altansar Craftworld, I had considered going with a non-standard color scheme for my Dire Avengers. They might not have the same traditions of color for Aspect Warriors that other Craftworlds have. I have been considering a scheme that is the opposite of the Guardians, black armor with red helms. Set them apart, yet hold them together. Or maybe traditional blue armor but black helms with red crests... or red helms with black crests? Hmmm. Any Eldar aficionados out there are welcome to weigh in... as well as any one else with an opinion!

Random thought for the day, "two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do".


Admiral Drax said...

Wow, nice work, Brian!

I really like the pose and that mad scythe - great! As for the weapons swapping? - Great idea. I bought some rare earth magnets a couple of years ago, but I've never yet gotten around to trying them out: I was going to use them for my (now abandoned) Marine force, but their applications are a little more limited with Guard.

Since their revamp, the Eldar seem to have become pretty powerful compared to Guard: under 2nd edition I used to love fighting Eldar with my (then) Space Wolves, but now, sadly, I don't get to play very often at all.

If I could, I'd love to fight Eldar again...

Hmm...Maybe I'll give my old mate a ring...

Keep up the good conversions, matey!

- Drax

dvdhwk said...

Great work on the scythe. The whole WL is very different looking. I'm sure it'll attract some attention when it hits the tabletop. Great work!

Space Hulk Enthusiast said...

I'll throw my two cents in as well... the scythe looks great. It gives the model a very unique feel.

Nicely done, any chance of some WIP pics with the magents or how you made the weapon?

Anonymous said...

I say go for the red and black... of course I am just a girl!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

@ Admiral Drax
Thanks for the comments and compliments. The Eldar do seem a bit powerful. I don't think they will ever be my "Main Army", that will be either my guard or my marines. I am however really taken with them for the moment though. I'm off to read your blog!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. The great thing about an attention getter on the tabletop is that it will distract the enemy. Alas, it will also often be the first thing to go.

Unfortunately there are no pics of the scythe in progress... I'm kicking myself now, trust me. However it could happen in the future, the thought of two of those guys on the table at once kinda makes me tempted...

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