Monday, June 23, 2008

War Walkers!!!

Yes, finally they are ready (almost) to prime. I've taken a pic, but it would appear that today my digital camera hates me. After trying several settings and more than a dozen pics, I finally gave up and settled for the least blurry. Here they are thus far.

As per usual with this army, the heavy weapons are interchangeable. I'm not sure how I would want to load these guys out in a game... but I'm leaning toward anti vehicle. Of course, they could make horribly nasty infantry harassers too. I've snuck in another High Elf head to break up the monotony. But other than that, these guys are pretty standard. Any advice on how best to use War Walkers is always welcome as I'm way out of game practice and have never played Eldar anyway. Thanks for stopping by!


Ad Astra said...

War walkers are going to be king in 5th- their scout ability will alow them to be hold in reserve and come in on your opponent's table edge- imagine the panic of suddenly having three war walkers appearing behind your lines.

Admiral Drax said...

I love the new war walker models almost more than life itself!

If you're really lucky I might have a rant later about how much more powerful they are than sentinels...but I really do love those models!

- Drax (who's camping with his pupils this weekend, and so won't be able to finish off and post his heavy bolter squad. Grrr.)

Anonymous said...

@ Fritz,
Yea, I'm pretty excited about the thought of six heavy weapons crawling on the board where least convenient for the enemy!

@ Admiral Drax,
Don't sell your sentinels short, they are still pretty rockin units. Inferior to War Walkers, but rockin!

Have fun in the great outdoors with the pupils. Do try not to get eaten by bears or wolves or Aardvarks or some such mess. Else I'll never get to see the Heavy Bolter squad...

olof21 said...

I took a set of three war walkers all armed with bright lances to an apocalypse tournament where I played first a deathwing army and then a space marine w/ bane blade army. Lets just say when you guide six bright lances and even doom another unit... they kill ANYTHING! (although it is rather expensive ;-D)


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