Saturday, July 19, 2008

Finished Units!

This is a momentous... um... moment? Anyway, I've finally completed some minis! Right down to spraying them with Testors Dull Cote, these guys are done. There are some details that I might have liked to have cleaned up a bit... but I had to stop the endless cycle of fiddling with stuff or I'd never be done. So here we have the first of my finished Eldar minis.

Here we have a family photo of two squads of Eldar Guardians. There are ten Guardians in each squad with a heavy weapon platform. The platforms have Eldar Missle Launchers on the right now, but being magnetized I'll have plenty of opportunity to try them different ways and see what works best for me.

The Guardians get a little overwhelmed sometimes, so I have brought in their reinforcement. Also finished is my Wraith Lord. He carries a huge scythe which is also a trophy from his previous life as the Autarch of Craftworld Altansar. He will likely get his own blog post with full fluff story included, but I'll summarize here. Being stuck in the Eye of Terror for the last ten thousand years, Altansar has had to repel many attacks by daemons. There was one greater daemon in particular who lead attacks on Altansar relentlessly. Each time the attacks were repelled. Finally in a duel of epic proportions the Autarch took on the greater daemon in single combat. After a long battle they slew each other, but not before the Autarch cut one of the long bladed appendages from the daemon. The Autarchs soul stone was taken and placed in the craftworld where his soul could rest, if only for a short time. The weapon of the daemon was worked into the scythe by the craftworlds Bonesingers. Now when the craftworld goes to war that Autarch marches with them still. And enemies, especially daemons, who see the greater daemons bone enslaved within the wraithbone weapon are filled with dread.

And another shot just for good measure. I think the Wraith Lord looks best with matching weapons, but in game play, it would probably either be two different weapons, or just one. But for photos, I like him to be extra menacing.

Hope you've enjoyed this update. The Dire Avengers are almost done, as are the three War Walkers. Pictures of those finished and ready to rock should be up by mid next week. Maybe sooner? Then it's on to the first twenty Storm Guardians which are primed and ready to start being painted. I'm thinking of a third Heavy Choice. A battery of heavy weapon platforms might be nice, but another squadron of War Walkers sure sounds shootier and more flexible. Any thoughts, comments, criticisms are welcome. Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

looking good - love the WL and the sythe ... way cool.


Space Hulk Enthusiast said...

Great work, I'm jealous of the magnetized weapons.

Odie said...

Really nice work here. The non-helmeted heads look great and the bases are terific.

Sam-B said...

Nice stuff.

The bases are very cool too... what colour progression did you use on them?

Inner Geek Lover said...

This reads like you are posting pics of your own flesh and blood... I am proud of you! Love you my sexy geeky man!!

CrusherJoe said...


You've really outdone yourself here!

The scythe for the WL -- and it's accompanying story -- are great, and they REALLY set him apart, putting the entire force over the top.


Admiral Drax said...

Nice work, matey - been looking forward to seeing scythe-boy finished and I'm not disappointed!

It's a really good look you've got going for the pointy ones there!

- Keep it up, eh?

- Drax [currently "between houses"]

Admiral Drax said...

Hang on a mo...

These are pretty crystal clear photos - new camera?

Nice work!

- Drax.

Anonymous said...


The magnetized weapons are certainly going to be handy!

Thanks, I like to have a good mix of non helmeted heads. One day I'll have to post pics of my terminator squad, they are done with heads from several placed including WHFB Empire...

Glad you like the bases. They are primed black, wet brushed scorched brown (or the vallejo equivalent), a lighter wet brush/hvy drybrush of vomit brown, then bleached bone drybrush. Someday I'll have room for a game table and that will be the basis of the paint on it... then I'll just have to find people to play on it!

@inner geek lover
Love you too!

Glad you stopped by. And I'm glad you like my amateur fiction too! I'd like to write out something more detailed and print it out to display with him.

Hope your move is going smoothly. I'm honored that you found time to stop by... twice! Anyway, I'm really liking the way the Eldar are coming along. I'm feeling the pull of the Space Marine minis though, so I have to stay focused. Speaking of focus... these are the best of a lot of pictures taken. I did however find some improvement through bracing the camera on some stacked boxes while taking the pictures. I don't have a fancy smancy tripod or anything...

Sam-B said...

Thanks for the basing scheme, I may try that one out as I'm always dissatisfied with my bases!

Now adding your blog to my bretheren honour roll!


CrusherJoe said...

Actually, I hit your blog every day. It's in my "Warhammer Blogs" folder in Firefox, and I click "Open All in Tabs" every morning and read them with my coffee. It's a halfway decent way to start the day.

Vincent Fong said...

this is brilliant, your minis looks great individually and they look totally awesome when grouped together as such! I like the color scheme and especially the towering Wraithlord. That's in one my book of unforgettable miniature, ready to mince a leman russ...

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