Thursday, June 19, 2008

Guardians Update... with Pic!

Here they are. Not 'complete', but pretty close. I still have to do the jewels and certain other little details, but they are table worthy (in my opinion) now.

I still have to get the Weapons Platforms and crews for these guys done. I'm magnetizing all the heavy weapons... that is a new skill I'm learning... slowly. I also still have the ten Dire Avengers ready to prime... could be primer in my near future. The Wraithlord is on hold while I make some decisions about positioning. So, I think it will be primer and War Walker building for this evening.

And of course I can use the time to catch up on 40K radio... check'em out if you haven't before. They have some Baltimore Games Day coverage up right now. Good stuff.


Odie said...

Nice color scheme!

Odie said...

The bare heads are also rockin' in that unit!

Anonymous said...

Thanks odie, I always appreciate feedback!

Ad Astra said...

Nice mix of helmet vs. no helmet, really breaks the squad up well, what weapons platform are you going to go with?

Anonymous said...

The heavy weapons are all magnetized so the weapon will depend on the mood. Probably scatter las most of the time. Thanks for stopping by!

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