Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Real Progress!

Well I finally got some work done. And some pictures to prove it!

Here is a prototype for my Altansar scheme. There isn't quite enough depth in the red for me yet. I am going to try again with a different paint progression. This one is black primer, mecharite red, blood red drybrush, then baal red wash. I'm going to change the drybrush to blazing orange and I'm reasonably sure I'll still get a good red with a bit better depth. The black parts will eventually be black parts.

I also did a couple of test minis for my Plague Marine scheme. I really like the lighter pus colored marines compared to the greener marines. This paint progression is black primer, tau sept ochre, rotting flesh, then a wash of thrakka green. I like them so far, but we'll have to see what they look like after the trim is done. I will probably do the trim in a metallic, then wash it all with something to tone down the metal and tie it together. Something like a rust colored wash perhaps.

Bases have all been done for what I have primed. I'm still trying to decide which will be easier/faster. Priming black then hand painting the base (foundation) colors. Or priming black then spraying on the foundation color. Option one puts the bases at my starter color for bases. Option two will see me having to go back and hand paint every base black then build up the color and probably retouch the legs of each mini. But, it may still be faster in the long run.

Here is my current workspace. (Note the ghetto photo area) Like a goldfish, my hobby kind of grows to fit it's environment. Luckily, I have a very supportive and understanding sweetheart, not to mention gorgeous and smart (she reads this you know!). Any workspace this messy must mean that real work is going on, right?


Anonymous said...

Ahem.... I am understanding and all even if I do not read this...

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