Thursday, June 12, 2008

Skin Tone Dilemma

As my Eldar are to be from the Altansar Craftworld I've had this idea about how I want their skin tone. I would like them to be very pale (even for Eldar) and downright "guant". They are described looking haunted or ghostly so I figured extra pale would be good. I've tried a couple different skins here and I'd like to share them. Both pictures are the same, just slightly different angles and light. The mini on the left is just too purple in the skin. The one on the right I think might be close to the target. I know the obvious answer is to use more helmets, but I'm going out of my way to include heads from the High Elf range just so as to show off their paleness.

Strangely, the armor is quite different on these too also with the right mini being a good deal more bright red. I'll have to think on the skin tone further. Any comments or criticism would be welcome.


Admiral Drax said...


I don't really know enough about Eldar to comment with any authority, but I like the skin tone: it gives them a haunted, hunted look, which is something I always associate with the race.

By the way - nice work on the Guard competition entry: obviously I'm not the only one impressed by it...

- Drax

Admiral Drax said...

Having just re-read your post, it would appear that 'haunted' was the look you were going I guess it worked!

- Drax

Space Hulk Enthusiast said...

I'm partial to pale, sickly skin tones... these guys have been fighting forever.

I do like the bases too. I think the lighter color makes the model stand out and pop. There's another blog I mentioned the same thing on.
Nice work on these guys.

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