Monday, January 10, 2011

Ah that new paint smell... Camouflage Spray Review

I could have wrote a whole blog about how ideas and what you like changes over time. And that would explain some of the direction this posts starts my hobby off in, but instead I'll give you a short synopsis before the actual blog.

I always wanted a gray, urban camo style guard army. Always. Since Rogue Trader. None of that silly army looking paint scheme for me. Then for a long while I wanted a guard army with black armor and red fatigues. Green and khaki was for sell outs with no imagination! Well, I've sold out. I've been painting outside my comfort zone, color-wise, while working my project with Admiral Drax. It turns out that traditional Guard colors are pretty nice when you get right down to it. They just look right.

So I started looking around on the interwebs and found something interesting. Some folks have been using Krylon paints to prime their minis. This is not too much of a shock (compared to GW Primer sticker shock anyway). But I found out that Krylon makes a line of paints for camouflage applications. So after being fooled by their corporate website into believing that Home Depot or Autozone carry their product, I finally found some at Ace Hardware. In all fairness, Wal-Mart does carry Krylon, but the one near me did not have the camo colors.

I picked up a couple of cans, one of khaki and one of a 'jungle green' sort of color. I have to say that I'm impressed. The paint went on smooth and coated well.

Here is a shot of some guard that had been painted, (in some cases twice) already.

If you click and view the larger image you may notice some "grainy-ness". That is my camera and post processing. The actual minis are smooth as butter.

The product claims to be ultra flat. I've put some paint on these since taking that picture and I will say that it goes on fine despite the fact that this is not, technically speaking, primer.

That worked well, so I grabbed a tank that has been in need of some love for a while and went to town on that too. I sprayed it with the khaki then taped off some pattern and hit it with the green color. The green is a little lighter than I would prefer, but it will darken up a bit when I paint the tank...

All in all I'd say, if you aren't using this paint for base coating, you're stupid. Ok, maybe that's a little extreme. But, it does seem to be really good paint so far. You can google around for other reviews by folks much more eloquent than I. You can also have a look at the product webpage. But I think if you have an army that could benefit from one of the available colors, you should consider giving it a shot!

I'll share the progress on the four guard and the tank. I might even sneak in another totally over reviewed product in the project!

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