Saturday, January 1, 2011

Painting Across The Pond - Geek Edition Pt I

Greetings and Happy New Year! Now that's out of the way...

Some time back one of my favorite bloggers, and I dare say friend, Admiral Drax (who lives across the pond) offered up a prize for best suggestions of name for a vehicle he was working on. He would paint a mini of the winners choice for them. I was lucky enough to be one of those suggestions and thought I'd be a pain by taking him up on the offer. Then after thinking about it, I began to feel that he was the one getting to have all the fun! So I suggested we do an exchange of minis and paint one for each other. So, without telling each other what we were sending, the mini's were shipped out. My mini took about one week to reach him, his took exactly one month to reach me... go US Postal service! Remember, it's only a race if I'm winning.

Opening the package was pretty exciting, I do love a good surprise! This is who I found inside...

Or for a easier to view picture taken from what I'm sure is a better camera than mine...

Drax is very brave to let me paint such a nice figure. And he's given me free reign to paint him as I see fit. Unfortunately I can't recall any guard units who wear primarily pink, so I'll have to dress him some more traditional hues. Seriously though, this is an awesome mini and it's going to be a blast to paint. Of course, I'm not one to leave well enough alone, so there will be more to this project that just a bit of paint. But Drax doesn't know anything about that, so we'll hold on to that secret till it's ready to be shown.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll go check out the Drax Edition Pt I of this collaborative post. Pt II will be some painting WIP and maybe a sneak peak the as yet unknown facet of this project. Feel free to drop a comment, otherwise I'll wonder ceaselessly as to what you internet people are thinking.

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