Saturday, January 29, 2011

IG Using New Ungors Prototype Finished

Last week I spoke a bit about the new Ungors and their naked butts. More importantly, I asked the question will they convert to beastman guardsmen as well as the old Ungors models did. This week I'd like to share the results... and another gratuitous butt-shot of the new Ungor models.

First a group shot to see how they fit in with the old Ungors (I encourage you to click for a larger view)...

I think they would blend in well enough if you have a quite a few models on the table though you can tell they are more closely related to each other than to the rest of the herd.

And as for the new Ungors converted, here are a couple shots of them. First the front.

Finally, the sans-pants shot of the rear...

First off, my opinions (you are welcome to share your in comments). I didn't have high hopes for these guys at first glance out of the box. However, since then they've really began to grow on me. Of course, so will mold if you stand still too long. I think that the old Ungors were more of an animal that walked upright. The new Ungors seem more like a beast-man to me. This is also true of them when not converted and used as actual Ungors in Fantasy Battle. Since they are more man-like, I chose to paint them in the general theme of the GW painted ones. They have human flesh colored skin where there is no fur, and a darker color for the fur. Once again, I think this makes them look more like beastmen than upright animals. Another thing to note is that these can be bought by themselves in a box. The old Ungors were the minority in a box full of Gors. Not so much left over bits with the new Ungors. All in all, I think I like them just as much or maybe even more than the old Ungors I converted to guardsmen.

So what do you think? Old or new, which is better? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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