Friday, April 1, 2011

More Sisters of Battle Leaks, New Mini Pic!

Another important leak to whet our appetites for the eventual release of a new Sisters of Battle Codex. These leaks are coming so quick, I don't even think GW is trying any more!

It appears that the upcoming Sisters of Battle codex will have a new and updated Penitent Engine! Details are sketchy, but apparently it will be called the Penitent Miraculous Sister Engine.

Behold in all it's glory, the P.M.S. Engine!

I can't help but think that it looks familiar though... like maybe GW is reusing some bits from other armies?

I for one can't wait to start a Sisters of Battle army. And you better believe the PMS Engine will be in very army list I make!

Have a really great April 1st everyone!

EDIT: Another great pic of an upcoming SoB flyer is on display over at The Hogs of War blog!

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