Monday, April 18, 2011

Off Topic, News, and Distractions

I've pretty much decided in the last week or so that I have adult ADD. The first clue came while listening to the audio book of Prospero Burns in the car on the commute to work and back. It's good and I should do a review in the coming days... should do. Anyway, while listening the narrator might mention a mountain (complete with descriptives) 20 seconds or so later I realize I haven't really heard anything since then because my mind has wandered to thinking about some mountain I saw once... or would like to see... or might want to almost get to see. So, rewind and continue. Maybe I'm just distracted and having trouble concentrating?

So I've spoken to the lovely Mrs. Inner Geek and secured a weekend break. Now I have to decide how to spend it and exactly when. Two things are on the forefront of possibilities. I live in North Texas and several years ago while staying a while just outside Austin, Texas I got to go float a section of the Guadalupe River in an inner tube and drink beer. Water, beer, floating... what else could you ask for? Austin also has a hopping night life, so a nice dinner and refreshing adult beverages wouldn't be out of the question. Another bonus, it's three hours drive by car. The problem I'm running into is finding a friend who can go and wants to. I don't mind going to a movie, bar, or dinner by myself, but I'm not sure I care to do a whole weekend adventure alone. Sad, eh? My second option I've considered is flying up to Chicago for Games Day. More of a money sink, but it might be fun? I've never been to Chicago or a Games Day. For some reason going alone doesn't bother me so much on this one, I'm just not sure what I'd do at a Games Day? Thoughts and suggestions welcome in the comments section.

On to distractions...

Have you ever heard of MineCraft? Well, if you haven't, run for the hills... the awesome, blocky, 8 bit graphic hills. I can't stop. It's the most addictive game I've played in recent memory. Seriously people, I'm losing sleep. And when I do lay down to sleep, all I can think about is the next mine I'm going to dig and what I'm going to build with the rocks I excavate. House, castle, palace? I really can't do it justice with a description, so check out some youtube videos when you have minute or twelve. I'll link you to one to get you started...

So I apologize for not posting a Warhound update, but I really needed to get some of this out there. I appreciate it if you've made it this far. If you are playing MineCraft or want to go on Vacation with The Inner Geek, be sure to let me know. I welcome all comments... well... pretty much all.

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