Friday, April 15, 2011

WHx2 Pt 5 (Head, Shoulders, Armor & Pilots)

The next bag of parts is done. This one includes head, shoulder, Princeps, Moderati, some armor parts, and cable mounts. I've got big plans for the cable mounts, but that story will have to wait till a ways into build time.

Here is a family shot of the parts from this bag...

Of the two Warhounds, one had a parts fitting problem that the other didn't. I'm guessing that either they have multiple molds, or perhaps these Warhounds were just cast at times far enough apart that the mold started having issues. Since only one has the problem, I'd say it's a hit and miss issue that you may or may not see when building one of these.

The issue comes down to the way the armor cover fits on the cockpit (head). In the pic below you can see where I've marked the head piece to be trimmed so that it will fit inside the armor piece which is inverted over it for easier viewing...

I used my hobby knife and carefully cut the piece to fit. Unfortunately, careful is not always good enough! There was a weak spot in the resin and I wound up losing more material that I had marked off due to splitting!

(Note the extra material missing on the viewers left side)

I'm not going to fret about it too much though, as the armor now fits beautifully and the bad spot is covered up when the armor is in place.

Just for fun I've thrown in a couple more detail shots.

The shoulder, complete with integrated servitor to assist with gun calculations...

The Princeps, sitting proudly on his command throne.

And, finally, the cable mounts I mentioned earlier...

(In the way of a hint, I'll tell you these are part of a plan that is going to make weapons magnetizing a cinch!)

This leaves us with just one more bag of part for the Warhound itself. Thank goodness! I'm so ready to start putting these together I could spit.

Comments, critiques, and riddles are welcome in the comments as always. Thanks for stopping by!

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