Sunday, April 10, 2011

WHx2 Pt 3 (The Rest of the Legs)

The final bits of legs are cleaned and trimmed! Hoo-frikkin-ray!

Yes the next bag of Warhounds parts through the wash & cutTM treatment is the last of the leg bits. This bag has the toes, thigh armor, mid-leg, cooling vents (not a leg bit, but yay for bits style ADD), and the large shin armor pieces.

These parts are also done quite well across both kits with very little needed in the way of trimming. Though that is not to say that some of these parts aren't full of mystery or in need of some work...

The shin armor in both Warhound sets includes two blank and two adorned with Imperial iconography, for a total of four per kit. When they pack these I believe they stack them... maybe even straight out of the mold? I believe this because in all cases one is wider and one is narrow. Enough so that one can fit inside the other.

This isn't too big a deal as I can easily reshape them using some very hot water. However, I'm not sure if the narrow one needs to be the size of the wide one, or if they need to meet in the middle? I'll figure it out when assembly starts.

Another mystery has surfaced as well. Ironically it has surfaced on the surface of a part. After soaking in Simple Green, rinsing well, and allowed to dry I find one part that looks almost oxidized? Here is a shot of the strange toe with a more normal one on either side...

If you click for a larger pic you can see that it almost looks powdery, though it's not. This bit was treated identically to the other two in all respects so I have to assume it is something to do with manufacturing? I'll see how the part takes primer before I get too worried though.

Here is a shot of all the parts cleaned, trimmed, and laid out.

That wraps up this installment. Just three more bags of parts (per Warhound) to go, then we can start the fun stuff! Truthfully, it's five bags if you count weapons, but those will clean super fast and all at once.

Thanks for stopping by. If you like, you can leave a comment. If you know anything about resin parts turning albino I'd especially like to hear from you!

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