Monday, March 2, 2009

Because A Hive Mind is a terrible thing to waste...

Some news to follow at the bottom.

So, I was thinking. A dangerous pass time, I know. And the following occurred to me in no particular order...

On a backwater planet near the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy in the 38th millennium Tech Priests found a completely intact STC. When it was discovered that this STC would produce a previously unheard of Universal Translator, there was much excitement and waving of mechadendrites. This discovery came none too soon as reports had begun to come in of a Tyranid Hive Fleet approaching the system. Requests for assistance were issued, but there would be no one close enough to dispatch help in time. So, the Adepts of Mars took the most logical approach. They commenced work on the translator in hopes that it might finally allow communication with the completely alien Tyranids. Maybe they could be put off the idea of completely destroying this peaceful little rock if only reasoned with?

Six hundred years previously a world beyond Imperial control is being systematically destroyed. This world is so far out there that if a well traveled Rogue Trader were to come across it, he'd say, "Wow, this is really way out there". The world was only inhabited by one sentient being type, humans. Upon processing all the DNA and studying it, the Hive Mind picked up on an interesting tidbit of genetic information. There was a single species of insect on this planet that the humans were genetically predisposed to find, "cute". The Tyranids adapted this insects DNA in hopes of disguising itself as something less obviously dangerous in an effort to sustain less damage in future conflicts with this species that called itself 'human'. Thus was born, "Hive Fleet Ladybug"!

Flash forward six hundred years. The planet is under attack and the disciples of the machine god are working feverishly to finish the translator. Guardsmen are outside dying by the tens of thousands. For some reason the Tyranids are able to close to within just a few meters before men start firing their las rifles. The priests continue to work even as there is a thunderous pounding on the very walls of their sanctum. They finish the translator only seconds before a Carnifex, grown for siege work, busts through the rockcrete walls. As it lets out a mighty roar, the Universal Translator repeats its message in a loud monotone voice, "I'M CUTE!!!". And for a split second, the Tech Priests believe it...

The Ordo Xenos was able to acquire all the transmissions received from the planet before it was overrun. They have made some startling discoveries. Apparently, the Hive Fleet Ladybug Tyranids have combined an appearance that humans instinctively find harmless and cute with a strong psychic suggestion to believe this is true. The effect is that many of the defenders of the planet simply didn't think to fire their weapons till the true horror of what was happening was strong enough to deny the psychic manipulation. Thus far the Inquisition is at a loss as to how to combat this new weapon. But, it has been suggested that commanders in the field no allow their soldiers to look at the enemy during an attack.

Now, if I was some sort of GW guy, or even a White Dwarf lackey, I'd probably try to come up with some rules for this Hive Fleet and publish them. But I'm not, so my super awesome Hive Fleet Ladybug rules will never be seen...except by you! Besides the genuine psychological edge it could give you to field an army painted like giant mutant ladybugs, I'd suggest the following rules; For a few extra points per model, all brood size Tyranids could get the 'Harmless Appearance' special rule. Larger size creatures would have to pay significantly more, possibly 100 points per model or unit. The 'Harmless Appearance' rule would basically only allow HQ units, psykers, or units with one of the above attached to it to fire on turn one. All other units are completely taken in by the color scheme and psychic suggestion being broadcast. Units with no psyker or HQ unit to lead them would have to roll a 6 on a D6 to fire on turn one. On turn two they may fire on anything but a 1 on a D6 (some folks just don't get it).

Just the mad ramblings of a crazed (hive) mind.

On to the news!

I'm back! New house, tons of excitement and tragedy and stuff has been going on. I've just about got my workspace set up, so work on the long languishing Reaver Titan should be picking up soon (within the next week). I've not painted or built anything since last November, so I'm totally going nuts to work on some stuff. Ideas are bouncing around my head like small rubber balls on crack. I've been playing a little "Dawn of War II", and if you like pc games, I recommend it. I'm in possession of a home with a garage, and I've come into some tools, so a gaming table of some sort may be an upcoming project here on the blog. I've, obviously, still got a rambling problem...

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to leave some feedback in the ole comments section. I'm always happy to hear from you... yes, you!
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