Monday, March 23, 2009

Reaver Titan Pt 12 (Quick update and cracks)

This is just a short post to show that I have been working. Granted, if I wanted to show you all the work I've accomplished this past week, you'd be suffering through pics of a half bath that's been repainted, had the pedestal sink replaced with a vanity & new faucet, new light fixture added, and another room partially primed for painting. But, between honey-do's I've got a bit of painting and work done on the Reaver too!

Probably the biggest step forward I took this week was to simply make a decision. I've decided that scouring the internet and finding pictures of Reaver Titans and how they've been painted, then trying to match those colors is an impossible task. The armored parts I know how I want. The mechanical parts have been the problem. So, I've decided that the mechanical bits will be the color I paint them. Period.

I did some painting on the Head/Cockpit and the interior walls of the Titan. I apologize for not showing the interior walls, but they refused to photograph well this evening so I'll save them for another more daylit sort of time. Here is a peek at the head...

I've also been putting thoughts into where the Titan will stand. I've decided, for now, to go with a base on each foot. The beast balances fairly well, I just want to avoid putting pressure on the toes or legs. If balance does become an issue, I'll mount the two smaller bases on a large base I already have made. That said, it occurred to me that a Reaver Titan should be a heavy sort of thing. Since I'm modeling a base for each foot I decided to use plastic card and cut it up to simulate the ground cracking beneath the Titans feet. I also plan to use carefully placed texture around the toes to give the appearance that debris has flown out around the foot. Not too much, just enough. Here are the bases sans feet...

As you may notice, they are not identical. I got better at this from one to the next. However, with the feet on them, it makes little difference...

Sorry it's only three pics this week. I hope to get the carapace mounted weapons pinned in the next week. With that done, I should be able to dry fit the entire Titan together for a look.

As always, thanks for stopping by and having a look. Drop me a comment and tell me what you think. You can make it rhyme if you like, but it's not required... I have a dollar that says Master Darksol will opt in for the rhyme.

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