Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reaver Titan Pt 13 (Be sure and Wash from the waste down)

Another short update on the Reaver.

I've tried something new, and the results are better than I would have ever expected. After getting the base colors of the legs painted on, I decided I'd just wash the whole mechanical structure in Devlan Mud wash. Not wanting this to take forever I decided to shoot it through my airbrush. Wow. It acts like a wash in some areas, and like a transparent color layer in others. The crazy thing is, it seems to know which to do in which area. Now, I did use about half a bottle on just the legs, but if you invest in a model this big, the extra couple bucks for wash is worth it. It did an unbelievable job of giving the mechanical bits a grimy almost oily look in places. Here are the pics. I think it looks good in the pics, but I promise it looks even better in person.

Hope you enjoyed the pics. I'm going to try to do shorter posts more frequently, otherwise I feel like I'm forever getting a blog post put together. But, we'll see. Also, if you look carefully you can see a bit of blue comforter in the background of the pics. If any of my blogosphere friends are ever in North Texas and need a bed for the night, that's the comforter you'll get. I know Drax likes to sneak shots of Mrs Drax into his blogs, but all you folks get is a shot of a blue comforter.

Take care and enjoy yourself. And if you can't enjoy yourself, enjoy someone else. Comments and critiques are always welcome. No need to comment in limerick form, it's late in the week.

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